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2013 Preview – Center Field

With the enthusiasm of a ten-year-old little leaguer, David DeJesus will do what David DeJesus always does in center field for the Cubs this year. He will get on base better than any Cub, play center and right, and smile the whole time in spite of the Cubs’ record. Here is my projection for DeJesus this year:

2012 148 506 76 133 9 50 0.263 0.35 61 89
2013 140 479 72 126 9 47 0.263 0.342 58 84

I know, offensively a carbon copy of last year, which isn’t a terrible thing. With the Cubs abundance of outfielders, I’m seeing him play a few less games this year. He’ll still bat leadoff every game he is in and do a great job of drawing walks. According to FanGraphs, DeJesus had the eleventh best BB% among outfielders with a 10.4% but a lower K% than the ten guys above him.  These two put together tell me he has some of the best plate discipline in the game.

Defensively, Dejesus leaves something to be desired. He finished 2012 ranked forty-fifth in UZR/150 among all outfielders with a -5.6.  This past December, he turned 33, which, sadly, tells this soon-to-be 32 year-old that he probably doesn’t have the same jump on the ball or range, but will be the Cubs’ best option at center.