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2013 Preview – Right Field

The time has come to wrap up my previews for position players and, unfortunately for me, I saved the most boring preview for last.  My questions for left field will be, “Will Nate Schierholtz do enough to force me to learn the correct spelling of his last name?” and “Will Scott Hairston do enough to make me forget his older brother Jerry and his replacement level offense and defense?” My projections for these two players are:

Hairston 100 281 39 74 15 43 0.263 0.298 14 62
Schierholtz 100 211 18 54 5 18 0.257 0.322 20 40

Preparing for this, I looked over every offensive statistic I could, trying to bring something positive out of the numbers. After all of my analysis, my conclusion is: Scott Hairston is going to hit a few home runs for the Cubs this year, strike out often, and walk very little. Nate Schierholtz will do about the same as Hairston, minus the homeruns.

Last season, neither of these guys had very good range in the outfield. Schierholtz earned a -4.5 UZR/150, while Hairston earned himself a -4.9 UZR/150. However, Schierholtz does have a much stronger arm than Hairston. Overall, this Cub fan will cringe each time the ball is hit to right field this season, hoping that base runners didn’t advance unnecessarily because the fielder couldn’t get to the ball.

In the end, Scott Hairston and Nate Schierholtz will do something for the Cubs and their fans this year that no statistic can measure. They will be the ugly girls in the outfield that make Jorge Soler and Albert Almora look like prom queens as rookies.